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Mission of the Congregation   - 2018

elvia ortiz.jpg
New European Provincial Team

From left to right :

Lucia Alegre Gil, Virginia de Matos Oliveira,

Maria de Jesus Miguel, Nuria Bayó,

Michèle Cancalon - Provincial,

Marie Philomene Diouf.

Africa: New Provincial Teams

From left to right :

Nina Nzondo Nzenguet,

Louise Sadio NDENE, Provincial

Julie Clemence Kenguele,

Therese Ntumba Kelekele.

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benin 01.jpg

From left to right thesisters :

Rosette Kiki,

Pierrette Marie Bossou, Provincial,

Euphrasia Kokoun.


From left to right :

Marie Yvonne Mbengue,

Madeleine Odile Dioh

Marie Rose Dione, Provincial,

Gilles Aimee Ciss.

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News September 2018
Latin America: New Provincial Teams

Blue Sisters in Haiti - 7 years of mission

soeurs haiti.jpg

 September 1 marks the arrival of the Blue Nuns in Haiti, shortly after the earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people. In this country, the poorest in South America, the sisters are close to the people and seek to develop projects autonomy and dignity of the people who live and struggle in this country.

  7 years of mission at the service of life!

Province of Sao Paulo

Diocese of São Mateus - ES  2/9/2018


Carta aberta da Comissão Regional de Presbíteros Leste II Diocese of São Mateus -ES, em apoio ao Papa Francisco.

Diocese of São Mateus - ES

Saint Barthélemy in Gorbio 26/8/2018



Article Archconfraternity of  GORBIO   / LABARUM 2014

Patronal feast of Saint Barthélémy in Gorbio

This summer event, which takes place every year  during the 3rd or 4th Sunday of August, celebrates its patron saint, one of the twelve apostles who spread the good news of Christ in Arabia, Mesopotamia_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and as far as India.  He was martyred by being flayed alive (according to tradition).

A blessing of the animals  at the level of the tercentenary abalone in the village square,   precedes the religious service in the Saint Barthélémy church. St Francis of Assisi  thus reminds us of the beauty and respect for the  creation.

The offering of the Golden Apple which takes place during the Offertory of the Mass is the highlight of the religious tradition of this patronal feast. The inhabitants and in particular the young people  proudly carry a golden apple at the end of a sword  and bow before the monstrance presented by the celebrant_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_; the last character hands the golden apple to the priest,   raises the sword in the air before throwing it sideways to a companion and bowing. This tradition goes back to medieval times when the noble knights brought their offerings to the ecclesiastical authority. This ceremony has retained a religious character symbolizing the struggle between good and evil.

After the service, a votive procession  with  the statuary representation of the saint, continues in   the alleys of the village, with its tête  the Great Cross of the Brotherhood of Penitents.

This popular festival which begins the day before with aubades, then Sunday with a popular fervor,  the feast of a feast and the evening ball,   shows the social implications of this heritage. A   current trend   would be to make a dichotomy between religion and any secular activity. As part of any patronal celebration, this often insidious ideology would result in losing the origin and meaning of this event, creating popular disunity and forgetting   the heritage of our old.

Paul GILLET Prieur

Parish of Our Lady of Encounter - Menton

Gorbio, a Medieval Village 8 km from Menton, is celebrating its Patron Saint Barthélemy on September 26.

- Animal Blessing

- Eucharistic celebration with the offering of the golden apple at the offertory.

-Procession in the Village with the statue of the Patron Saint at the end of the Mass.

Musical participation: on the organ Sister Julita 

And the Harmony of the Fanfare of Vilefranche/Mer.

equipe nouvelle.jpg
equipe s paulo.jpg
Gorbio 1
Spaulo 1
MT 1
Argentina 1
Paraguay 1
Mexico 1

From left to right :

- Marie Béatrice (Senegalese)

- Irma (Paraguayan)

- Justi - General (Spanish)

- Rosângela Maria (Brazilian)

In the Phillippines
In Senegal

Young people, religion and the world. How, when young, can you give meaning to your life?

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