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The call comes from God!   we have the answer...

be  a sister  blue, today

An adventure for you, for me, as it was for the foundress Sainte Emilie de Villeneuve...

vocation, call of god



Vocation is a gift received from God, which He offers in a particular way to each human being. 

This call exceeds our capacity to realize it, but God freely gives us the graces to make it concrete in our lives.

By faith, the person feels God's invitation with touches and signs. This is not presented as a personal project, with a list of tasks to accomplish, but as an interior conviction based on a unique, personal and irreplaceable relationship with the Lord.

missionary consecrated life


God, implementing his project of creative love, calls us to Life. And so that the life of each created being can develop, He surrounds it with care, protection and conditions which favor this unfolding and this growth.

As in a touch of love, as happened with Elijah, the prophet of the Old Testament, the person sensitive to God encounters him in a surprising way, in the gentle breeze that comes to his heart. This encounter is so transformative that from then on, she will never be the same again, as she will taste something she has never experienced before in her life. This experience resonates as a call to get closer to this BEING who enchants her internally, God himself. A call which is normally accompanied by a double way of living: consecration and mission.

what does it mean to be a blue SISTER in our time?




It is to be a joyful, dynamic, happy person... Who appreciates life, friendship, who wants to give of himself, who understands that knowledge can help the world to be better, who likes to be with people. ..


In short, who loves his vocation to be called and sent by God to configure his life with Jesus the Savior and Mary Immaculate.

what gives meaning to the life and mission of the Blue SISTERS?


Prayer- an experience of God, a transforming encounter and a place to nurture the desire for mission.

Community life- a place to experience friendship, joy and the sharing of vocation and mission; to create bonds of brotherhood.

Mission at the service of life- as a response to God's call. "It doesn't matter if I am here or there, as long as the will of God is accomplished".


Today, like yesterday...

God continues to speak.

He continues to offer...

 He invites the sisters, the laity, strongly linked 

  •     called to be co-responsible for the charism

  •     work together on training and missions.

 Young people and adults feel challenged

  •     by the spirituality of the “blue family”

  •     and assume the most diverse commitments. 


Young people discover the meaning of their life in the religious vocation

  •    they come to live the Blue Dream, sharing the life of our communities  

We give thanks for life, celebrate it and share it.


Carisma Azul um jeito...

Província Brasil

philippines cic03_edited.jpg

Cic voc Philippines


1 soeurs bleues.jpg

Sœurs Bleues  Hnas azules 


3 irmas azuis.JPG

Irmãs Azuis São Paulo

Província Brasil

cic castrres.JPG

Cic Castres



ir janete silva f.JPG

Ir. Janete Silva CIC

Província Brasil

Blue charisma: a way to be happy(pt)


Saint Emilie de Villeneuve introduces herself...



I was born in Toulouse, in the south of France in 1811.

From a very young age, what the poorest have been going through breaks my heart.

The privileged environment in which I grew up did not prevent me from seeing this reality made up of a lot of injustice and suffering...

God spoke to me through multiple voices… many questions arose in me: what does God want from me?

Time for discernment and prayer to know the way.


I responded to that voice...


          … to these voices, to a clear and deep call...

I told my father about my decision:

     - “Father, it is for God that I leave you: “I want to serve the poor…”

On December 8, 1836, in the church of La Platé, in Castres, I realized my dream and I began, with two companions, the path of Soeur Bleue.

We want to live adeep and simple brotherhood, committed to Jesus the Savior in God's plan of love for the peoples.

God Alone will be the center of our life, not “me alone”.

Mary Immaculate will teach us to see reality, the world, others, with spotless eyes, as God sees them.

It is for God that I leave you. I want to serve the poor.

temoignage de laure demier.JPG

Meetings of young people in research - final commitments - testimonials

Perpetual Profession of the Sisters Mexico - Rome - Dakar - DRC in 2020

soeurs dakar.png

Meeting of young people in research

encuentro vocacional.jpg

vida missionária azul em nordestina - bahia

irmã janete Silva - toda vocação vem de deus

irmã ana célia de oliveira - a vida religiosa

Happy in the mission with young people

envio de cotia para mt.jpg
envio para boliva de Luz Maria.jpg
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