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vie et mission des sœurs

In Easter joy, I sing with you a vibrant Alleluia!

Dear Sisters and Charismatic Family,


A year ago, you welcomed as a body, with joy, confidence and faith, the choice of Pope Francis over me through the appointment of Consultor to the CIVCSVA. One year later, I would like to say a sincere thank you for your support, your accompaniment and your solidarity. At first I was confused and wondered if this was true, but over the next few months I didn't need to ask myself any more questions.

I thank the Congregation which allowed me to have collaborator sisters in various continents. Regularly, they carry this mission in prayer. Some give me news about consecrated life in their region. Added to other collaborators, they help me to have broader horizons and to open up to the universal. Thanks to Cecilia Bentacourt, Marluce, Elvia, Laure Deymier, Carme Boxadera and Anne Béatrice Faye. The Congregation also allowed me to take a language bath to learn Italian. I also reinforce English and Spanish.

The meetings made at the level of the CIVCSVA and the large meeting of consultors that we had encouraged and calmed me. I felt like a daughter of the Church, welcomed and listened to. The load is not so heavy insofar as it is from time to time and each consultor can continue the mission entrusted to him in his institute or in the Church without being overloaded. The profiles of the consultors are varied: bishops, a few lay people, consecrated persons with various experiences and skills, professionals, superiors general, a nun...

As a theologian, the appointment also made me better known, I respond to various intercontinental requests according to my availability. Finally, what a beautiful experience of the Church! From time to time, I host conferences, meetings, I accompany animation teams, chapters, people too... in the end, I receive more than I give. These virtual or face-to-face meetings are extremely rich and formative and give me the opportunity to live the Fourth Vow to the full in the encounter with concrete people or various groups.

But on a daily basis, it is thanks to the formidable formative community with which I live that the entrusted mission acquires a new impetus. We are two sisters, Sister Irène Ekye Kaka and I, two postulants and two aspirants. Joy and peace, investment in the growth of young people is for me a concrete service of CIC religious life, as well as the availability for the service of formation in the Province, REPA and the Church.

Alongside this beautiful community that we form, we are in charge of the educational community of the Mother Jean Gabriel School Complex, which has 1,434 young people and 125 employees. A beautiful synergy where lay people and five institutes of consecrated life interact in the service of the education of children and young people, according to the charism of Saint Emilie. Animating, accompanying, training and supervising while walking together, such is our vision inspired by the Educational Project of the Congregation (PEC) and Emilie's practice.

Like Mary Magdalene overwhelmed by the call of the Risen One, I feel called by my name and, the Risen One, at each Eucharist comes to me in a particular way to renew his love and his trust. Also, I feel like a missionary of the resurrection, a fragile little servant, beloved by God and flooded with his mercy.

God fills us Alleluia!, may his name be blessed, may you also be blessed for what you are and what you do for the advancement of the Reign of God and for the Church in synodal progress.

Saint Emilie watches over us with incredible maternal solicitude! Pray again for me, I too carry you in my heart and in my prayers.

Again, Happy Easter!



Marie Sidonie, cic

testimony of
sister Sidonie oyembo one year after receiving her mission to the vatican

April 2022


Sister Joaninha lives this painful moment with the Migrants in Amazonia 

"What we are going through here, really, is a cruel thing. It touches the heart of humanity. People are treated like objects, like trash, and here in Peru it's the first time we've seen it. Let's see. It really is a cruel thing. The expression comes from the Missionary Joaninha Honório Madeira, of the Order of the Immaculate Conception. Known as Sister Joaninha, she is part of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network, whose work consists of offering social and religious assistance to residents of urban, riverside and indigenous communities of the triple border.

Along with other Catholic leaders, she found herself on the front line against shields and bombs thrown by the Peruvian police. "The police were extremely violent.   Before, we had only heard that they were violent, but yesterday (February 16) we saw it. We were almost beaten too. The first group [of immigrants who broke through the blockade] were treated very violently. Three pregnant women ended up at the health center,” she says.


For the Catholic missionary, Haitian and African immigrants also suffer from racism. According to Sister Joaninha, immigrants from countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba manage to cross from one side of the border to the other. "We are witnessing racism here at the border. People from different countries pass through. Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil. Chile, Argentina. Everyone passes. Now when it comes to a Haitian or an African , the situation is different and they end up falling into the hands of exploiters,” she reports.


The missionary recalls that people of any other nationality pay 5 reais or soles (Peruvian currency) to cross the Acre River. On the other hand, Haitians and Africans must pay $50, plus $200 to get to Puerto Maldonado. For an average journey, vans from Iñapari to the capital of Madre de Dios cost 40 soles - the equivalent of 15 dollars. On the Brazilian side, immigrants are also victims of extortion by taxi drivers. For the short trip between the entrance to Assis Brasil and the binational bridge, you can pay up to 100 reals for a trip of less than eight kilometers. 


"This is exploitation. The border has become a way to profit from human suffering. We are looking for where we can denounce this. With the closure of the border, the river has become the solution to cross. Haitians are exploited because of the color of their skin. We see it with our own eyes,” says missionary Joaninha. 

(Item Amazonia Real)

testimony of

sister joaninha honório madeira, missionary of the Repam traveling network in the amazon

February - March 2021

08 pont.JPG

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Amazônia Real's report followed the drama of immigrants trying to leave Brazil.

"I learned a lot during these 23 days of free presence with my brothers and sisters, Africans, Haitians, Congolese, from the Ivory Coast, from Bangladesh, from Pakistan, from India...
Thank you for allowing me to live the Gospel of hospitality: "I was a stranger and you welcomed me into your city. 

Joaninha Honorio Madeira cic

Itinerant missionary team of the Amazon.

Marie Sidonie OYEMBO

Sr Marie Sidonie appointed by Pope Francis

The Congregation is happy to learn this February 19 of the appointment of Sr. Marie Sidonie Oyembo as "Consultant for the Congregation of Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life", by Pope Francis.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

See letter from the General Team

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Decree of Pope Francis on February 19, 2020


What does the mission of consultor to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Society of Apostolic Life consist of?


The Second Vatican Council promoted in the Church the vision of a Church, people of God, a Church “mystery of communion”, in which all the baptized participate according to their specific duties in the unique mission of Christ.

The Council thus made it possible to develop the putting into practice of two fundamental ecclesiological principles: synodality and co-responsibility.

  By Synodality, we mean the communion of faith and of the faithful. The word "synod" means, "to walk together" - Laity, Pastors, Bishop of Rome - because Saint John Chrysostom already said, "Church, means synod".[1]

A synodal Church lives by listening together to the Spirit, in order to know, understand and realize what God wants for the Church and for the world today. Co-responsibility is thus a concrete consequence of synodality.

The mission of consultor is understood from the vision and the concrete experience of the Church communion, people of God. Also, the Holy See entrusts each Dicastery with a share of the responsibility for the unique mission of Christ.

To be a consultant to the CIVCSVA means to share in a particular capacity the unique mission entrusted to him by the Holy See, at the service of the Church and of humanity, with Institutes of consecrated life, Secular Institutes, Societies of Apostolic Life, individual forms of consecration to God (consecrated Virgin, hermit, widows), Associations of lay faithful with a view to being erected into an Institute of Consecrated Life, other forms of associations, unions of Institutes, Conferences, Confederations relating to the various forms of consecrated life.

To be a consultant, the Holy Father, after having collected the necessary information and proceeded to a very serious discernment, appoints the chosen Christian who can be lay, religious, cleric[2]and publication is made by the Secretary of State. A consultant has a preparation, experience and expertise required in the field entrusted to him. He will be called upon to contribute to important issues relating to the mission of the Dicastery.

We thank the Holy See for the trust placed in our poor person and in our Congregation. We implore from all consecrated persons the abundance of the Holy Spirit, so that together and in the Church, we may persevere in the living of a consecrated life as disciples, humble servants and servants, who welcome day after day the grace of God's faithfulness.

 Sr Marie Sidonie OYEMBO, cic


[1][1]On October 17, 2015, Francis gave a speech for the closing of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the institution of the synod of bishops, in front of all the participants of the Synod for the family, Saint John Chrysostom, Explicatio in ps 149: PG 55, 493.

[2]Some are major superiors of Institutes, others are bishops, theologians...

Brief Biographical Presentation of Sister Marie Sidonie OYEMBO


Origin and formation

Oyembo Sidonie was born on May 5, 1968 in Port-Gentil (Gabon), to Samuel OYEMBO and Jeanne Nicole NGUELE. She is the third child in a family of five. Baptized at Saint – Dominique de Moanda in Haut – Ogooué, she will receive first communion at the Parish of Saint – Paul des Bois in Port – Gentil and Confirmation at the Parish of Saint – Louis in Port – Gentil.

She did her primary studies in the Catholic schools Saint - Paul and Sainte Thérèse of Port - Gentil, then, her secondary studies at the Lycée Raponda Walker College in Port - Gentil and at the Immaculate Conception Institution in Libreville.

She did her Higher and University studies at the Catholic Faculties of Kinshasa where she obtained the Graduat in Philosophy (2015) and began her theology studies there, at the University of Burgundy in France where she graduated with a Master's degree in Social Sciences and Education (2009), then at the University AS Thomas d'Aquin in Urbe - DOMUNI a Master in Theology (2018). She is currently preparing her doctoral thesis in theology on the Eucharist.

In addition to academic training, she has benefited from various training courses for human and spiritual accompaniment at IFHIM in Canada (Summer Sessions 2004) at Mater Christi in Burkina Faso (2006), in the DRC and in Gabon. She is a member of CAPACITAR INTERNATIONAL.


Religious life and mission

Sidonie returned to the postulancy of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Castres at the Mother House on September 4, 1988. When she entered the novitiate, she took the name of Sister Marie Sidonie. After two years of novitiate in the same place, she made her profession on August 11, 1991. She made her perpetual vows on September 8, 1996 in Port-Gentil (Gabon).

She assumed the following missions: Parish Pastoral (catechesis, youth, liturgy, CEVB, Justice and Peace), Social Pastoral (Women), ad extra mission in the DRC,  School Pastoral (Philosophy teacher, of Religion and School Administration, Educational Advisor, Director, Head of High School, Founder of the National Center for Religious Animation which has become National Chaplaincy for Catholic Education), Training (Professor of Theology at the Major Seminary, Trainer in religious life, conferences, seminars, theology courses, sessions and retreats), Animation of consecrated life (members of several commissions in her congregation (spirituality, constitutions, formation), responsible for the local community, Provincial Superior, President of the Conference of Major Superiors of Gabon ( COSMAG), President of the Confederation of Conferences of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (COSMAM), Coordinator of the Vi Committee e Consecrated (COSMAG – CEG). Sister Marie Sidonie is the author of several books and articles on history, religious life, education…

Today, it is still given in education, formation and accompaniment of consecrated life. She has just been appointed by Pope Francis, consultor to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, on January 19, 2021.

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