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General Chapter of the Congregation in April May 2018.

Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Castres

From left to right :

- Marie Béatrice (Senegalese)

- Irma (Paraguayan)

- Justi - General (Spanish)

- Rosângela Maria (Brazilian)



Around the fire of our community meetings, we feel little by little and with joy, the breath of the Spirit which moves us in this time of preparation for the 43rd General Chapter. It is for us a time of grace, of contemplation, a time of the Spirit, a kairos of Pentecost.

The cries that we have heard in our different realities, over these five years, have resounded in our hearts and provoked in us actions in response to very concrete needs. They have been and continue to be personal, communal and provincial responses to the world today, through the mission we carry out. Certainly, while we reflect, share our answers and make our summaries, we  also perceive the action of God in the steps taken in each province. More than words and texts, it is the concrete life in each written line that we want to recognize, welcome and present to the God of life.





Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of Castres


Castres - April 19 and 20, 2018

Opening Celebration - 43rd General Chapter
Yesterday and today, together, around the fire, we renew the dreams of dignity and communion.

Castres - April 20, 2018

Our second day of chapter was dedicated to a deep reflection around the fire, naming the bonds and utopias that set us on the road to be protagonists of dignity and communion.

Video:  Around the fire...

Castres - April 21, 2018

Day of presentation of the synthesis of the instrumentum laboris by continent followed by the echo of the capitulants. Finally there was a personal and group reflection with three key orientations: confirmation - challenge - questions. The Eucharist closes the work of the day.

Castres -  April 22, 2018

Panel: Religious and lay life from the perspective of the charismatic family, horizon of discipleship, with the collaboration of our speakers Sisters  Márian Ambrósio,  Leonie Pregunta and . Charlotte Sumbamanu.

Castres -  April 23, 2018

Panel:Another community is possible, under the guidance of the Spirit.

Castres -  April 24, 2018

We end this April 24 the panel "Another community is possible, under the guidance of the Spirit", assisted by Fr. José Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes. An impulse to think about paradigm shifts, to propose paths of transformation, assuming places where there is apparently no beauty, and discovering in them the presence of God, to dream in these times of darkness.

Castres - April 25, 2018

Visit of Albi and its beautiful cathedral, then Hauterive, the church, the castle and the Villeneuve family who received us with great affection. We remember the story of our Emilie around the castle fireplace, in the small village church where she prayed so many times asking for lights, at the stone table where she announced to her father a project matured in his heart. Finally, we celebrate a friendship beyond time, a flame lit in the hearts of Léontine, Émilie de Villeneuve and Coralie de Gaïx. The Gaïx family did not hesitate to receive us as a party!

Castres -  April 26, 2018

Today we listened to the reports from the provinces of Europe, West Africa, Central Africa and São Paulo on the three axes that have guided the project of the Congregation: Animation, formation, mission. We give thanks to God for the strength of the charism which encourages us to renew and recreate our missionary presences and to overcome the challenges for the service of the Kingdom.

Castres -  April 27, 2018

We continue to listen attentively to reports from the provinces of Mato Grosso, Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, Amazon/Benin. One more day to give thanks to God for the animation, formation and mission that keep life moving and the blue charism well represented in many corners of this world.

Castres -  April 28, 2018

We close this block of minutes of the acts of the Congregation project: Animation, Formation, Mission by listening to the stories of Haiti, the Philippines, the General Team and the Solidarity Economy. Let us bless the Lord and the Holy Spirit who makes us live brotherhood, creativity and commitment with the poor and suffering members of Jesus Christ.

Castres -  April 29, 2018

We started on Sunday with the Eucharistic celebration and we continued the work by doing a videoconference with Sister Marly Benachio (from São Paulo), who presented the educational project of the congregation, then Marie Béatrice presented the orientation document for the continuous and permanent formation of the Blue family. Finally, Sisters Filomena Mecabô, Marie Sabine Fauquenois and Dominique Marie Aubrun presented the methodology and the structure of the two volumes which tell the richness of the history of our congregation.

Castres -  April 30, 2018

We started another week. We try the steps to begin thinking about ways of transformation that can guide us in our desire to live mission as a charismatic family, dreaming, designing and shaping new paradigms.

Castres -  May 1, 2018

After starting the day in the hall of the Santa Emilia memorial, we went a little further in the preparation of our project, describing the processes of transformation that we wish to make by choosing specific themes. On this day we also said goodbye with gratitude to the lay women who accompanied us for 13 days and whose presence was of great importance for our reflections.

Castres -  May 1, 2018

We thank you, Marie Christine, Dilva, Marli, Graciela and Cécile for the dynamic and determined presence at this 43rd General Chapter!

Castres - 1er  May 2018

It is the day of the Haitian and Philippine delegations on May 1st.

Castres - May 2 and 3, 2018

Days of interiorization, prayer, discernment. Pray for us.

In communion with countries in conflict, with the families of priests murdered in the Philippines and Mexico, and with the victims of the collapse of an occupation building in São Paulo.

Castres - May 5, 2018

Dear Sisters, Brothers and Laity,

It is in the action of thanks to God who assists us by his Spirit, that we can communicate to you the formation of the new General Council which will accompany Justi in their mission of Animation of the Congregation.

  • Justi Munoz, Spain

  • Rosangela Altoe, Brasil

  • Marie Beatrice Mbengue, Senegal

  • Irma from Leon, Paraguay


Your sisters gathered in Chapter

Secretaries : Lurdes Anita and Montserrat

Castres - 6  May 2018

Sunday walk... a little rest in Carcassonne! The Cité de Carcassonne located in the south of France is a fortified city built in the 12th century and restored in the 19th century. The first sight are the many towers and the double wall that protected the inhabitants. It is a city much visited by Europeans but also by all those who seek to study the ancient remains. We were honored by the presence of the Horta-ES community, who came to spend the day with us.

Castres - 7  May 2018

During the day, we continued the preparation of the project which could guide the life of the congregation in the next five years, taking up the contributions of the groups on the themes proposed. A day of reflection and discussion that allowed us to move forward in our collaborative construction process.

Castres - 8  May 2018

Our day was devoted to reflecting on the dynamics of transferring this chapter to the provinces of origin, to resuming the drafting of the project that we have been developing in recent days and to making general references. Today we also celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lujan, the patroness of the countries of Latin America: Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Castres - 9  May 2018

After the morning prayer, we continue our work by reading the proposals of the provinces, seeking to know if pertinent questions still need to be discussed or voted on by the chapter. Free afternoon for a little rest.

Castres - 10  May 2018

Today we close the work of this 43rd General Chapter with a final discussion of some proposals and observations in the final text of the horizons that will inspire us in the next five years. In the afternoon we had a meeting with the Sisters of Residence Emilie who told us about their missionary experiences in France and in Africa; At night, we express our gratitude to the community of the Mother House who welcomed us with such care for 22 days.

Castres - 11  May 2018

We conclude our 43rd General Chapter. We thank the God of Jesus the Savior and Mary Immaculate who guided us for 22 days. We are also grateful to you who have accompanied us with your messages and your prayers. We dare to continue to dream and realize our dreams of dignity and communion.

Castres - 11  May 2018

Closing Mass - 43rd General Chapter - Castres 2018 at the tomb of Saint Emilie

From left to right :

- Marie Béatrice (Senegalese)

- Irma (Paraguayan)

- Justi - General (Spanish)

- Rosângela Maria (Brazilian)

Thank you, Montserrat Torrent and Lourdes Anita Babi, our secretaries!

Thank you, Maria Jose Acosta and Inez Lovera, our translators!

Thank you, Janetinha for your communication work which allowed us to accompany the event as if we were present in Castres!

      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   With all our thanks we tell you


Thank you, Marie Philomène Diouf, Marluce Almeida and Carme Boxadera, editors of the final message!



Father Rigobert Minani Bihuzo

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