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Mission of the Congregation  - 2019


Easter Triduum 2019

Holy Week in the Province of São Paulo is marked by the intense participation in the life of the communities which celebrate the Easter Triduum with faith in the commitment to the pain of Christ in its suffering members, always in the hope of participating in the joy of his resurrection.

This year the sisters share their mission in the valley of Jequitinhonha-MG, Afonso Cláudio-ES and Petrolina-PE. Intense days with visits to the sick and the elderly, celebrations, moments of accompaniment and encouragement of the communities to persevere in their mission, despite the difficulties of local conditions.


Christ lives and continues to rise in life and to reveal himself in the struggles of those people of faith who have an open heart to welcome him.


Several of our Sisters (Germaine, Emilia Maria...) have worked and lived with the martyrs who will be beatified this Saturday... We join the Province and the Church of La Rioja with our prayers and affection.

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KTOTV April 16, 2019
Mgr Jean-Louis Balsa, Bishop of Viviers presents the pastoral care done with young people on this occasion on KTO TV:
mgr jean louis balsa.JPG
beatifi martires.JPG
On April 27, Father Gabriel Longueville will be beatified... in Argentina. The Ardèche missionary sent to the diocese of La Rioja was assassinated under the military dictatorship in 1976.

About thirty young people from the diocese of Viviers went to spend a month on the other side of the Atlantic to discover this figure of holiness. They were deeply marked by it. This "field pedagogy", other young people experienced it in Ventimiglia, on the border between France and Italy, to help migrants. Today, awareness of these issues is also being raised in schools. Mgr Jean-Louis Balsa urges Catholics to the conversion of the heart towards migrants, these people being "so many opportunities to meet Christ". Focus also on the "pastoral of the Syrophoenician". Following this biblical woman who wanted to collect "the crumbs that fell from the table" of Jesus, lay people on mission want to take very special care of the people who are welcomed into the Church so that they feel well integrated.

Aired on 04/15/2019 / Duration: 26 minutes
Beatificación de los mártires en Argentina
Monsignor Jean-Louis Balsa, Obispo de Viviers presented the pastoral carried out on this occasion for young people, in the KTOTV television chain:


Monsignor Jean-Louis Balsa, Obispo de Viviers presented the pastoral realized in this opportunity for young people, in the chain of KTO television.

El próximo 27 de abril, el Padre Gabriel Longueville will be beatificado in Argentina. El missionero del Departamento de Ardeche was sent to the diocese of La Rioja there asesinado por la dictadura militar in 1976. One of our three young people from the diocese of Viviers fueron passed a mes del otro lado del Atlántico to discover this figure of sanity. This experience los marcó profundamente. This is “pedagogía de pisar la misma tierra”, the breeding ground for young people of the diocese in Ventimiglia, in the border between Francia and Italy, for compartir con migrants. Hoy, la sensitización sobre estos temas se realiza también en las escuelas. Monsignor Jean-Louis Balsa exhorted los católicos a  to convert el corazón frente a la realidad de los migrants, “es la ocasión de encontrarse con Cristo”. Subrayó también la “pastoral de la sirofenicia”, esta mujer bíblica que quiso recoger “las migas que caen de la mesa” of Jesus. Los laicos en misión desean especialmente acompañar y cuidar a las personas que se acercan a la Iglesia para que se sientan completamente integradas”

Aired on 04/15/2019 / Duration: 26 minutes

Preparation for the Beatification of Monsignor Enrique Angelelli and Compañeros Mártires a Realizarse el 26 de abril de 2019 en la Provincia de La Rioja - Argentina

In French

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In Spanish

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joaninha na amazonia.jpg

Joaninha's mission in the Amazon


September 15 - 16 GOODBYE BETHUNE

argentine gabon1.jpg

Argentina-Gabon Smile of children


Sister Felicitas left us 09/29/18


October 3: Saint Joan's Day Emily

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Books of Saint Jeanne Emilie

Online albums of the Blue mission in the World
Journée du pauvre en Amazonie

Journée du pauvre en Amazonie

Formation et différentes activités en cette journée mondiale des pauvres 2018 en Amazonie.

Equipe Itinérante - octobre 2018

Equipe Itinérante - octobre 2018

Avec Joaninha l'équipe itinérante est auprès des "ribeirinhos" et des pauvres dans les frontières.

Pastorale des Jeunes : formation

Pastorale des Jeunes : formation

Religieuses, prêtres et laïcs sont en formation pour la Pastorale des Jeunes au Brésil.

A l'école de Kaolack

A l'école de Kaolack

A l'école de Kaolack au Sénégal les enfants apprennent à prendre des responsabilités pour le bien commun.

Moments de réflexion au Sénégal

Moments de réflexion au Sénégal

Dans la joie nous vivons la communion de ces journées de rencontre au Sénégal.

Journée des pauvres: Argentina

Journée des pauvres: Argentina

Repas servi pour les pauvres en cette journée mondiale demandée par le Pape François en Argentina.

tombeau BM

tombeau BM

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Encuentro vocacional de jovenes - Paragu

Encuentro vocacional de jovenes - Paragu

Rencontre vocationnelle au Paraguay en octobre 2018

L'automne 2018 à la cité

L'automne 2018 à la cité

Pèlerins et bénévoles jouissent de beaux paysages en cet automne 2018 à la Cité St. Pierre - Lourdes.



Pèlerinage au Ceará où l'action missionnaire du Padre Cícero est encore très vivante parmi le peulple.

Festa de N.S.Aparecida em Cotia

Festa de N.S.Aparecida em Cotia

Grande fête dans la Paroisse et l'établissement d'éducation à Cotia avec jeunes et retraitées.

Rencontre de jeunes nova venecia

Rencontre de jeunes nova venecia

Encontro Jovens Cursilhistas das dioceses de São Mateus e Colatina ES com a presença de nossas irmãs de Nova Venécia

Festa da 1a. Eucaristia no Nordeste

Festa da 1a. Eucaristia no Nordeste

Pequenos e grandes celebram o primeiro encontro das crianças com Jesus na Eucaristia - outubro 2018.


Journal: The Spiritual Retreat in Gabon

soeurs haiti.jpg

News from the Congregation

September 2018

equipe nouvelle.jpg

New Provincial Teams of America


Saint Barthélemy in Gorbio...


20 years of Blue presence at Cité St-Pierre

noviciat sen.JPG

Journal of the Novitiate of Senegal - August 2018

Provincial Chapters of Europe and Africa


1 - 3  November 2018

Provincial Chapter of the Province of Europe.




18 - 22  September 2018

Provincial Chapter Assembly in Dakar...






23 - 25 september 2018

Provincial Assembly/ Chapter in Cotonou...


assemblee 3b.jpg


26 - 30 september 2018

Provincial Assembly / Chapter in Gabon for Central Africa in Libreville...


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